mounting servers

applescript is a great way to automate repetitive and tedious tasks. you can find an applescript solution for connecting to smb (or afp) servers here. however, if connecting to servers is the only thing you want the workflow to do, it’s just as easy, if not easier, to use automator. here’s one way.

first open the automator application and drag these two actions into the workspace : get specified finder items and open finder items (it’s easy to find an automator action by typing just a few letters into the search field).

next, create aliases of your servers in an appropriate place (you can usually do this by simply dragging the volume into a folder — you may need to hold down command-option as you click and drag). then drag the aliases into the get specified finder items window in your automator workflow.

save it as an application and you’re done. then you just need to decide where you’re going to launch it from. the dock is handy for this one.

mount servers at login …
if you prefer to automatically mount the servers at startup, you can add the app to your login items (system preferences > accounts > login items — click the ‘+’ button and navigate to where you saved the app). NOTE: if you are going to launch at startup, you may need to add a pause to the beginning of the workflow to allow other services to finish starting up first. if your mac tries to connect to the servers too soon, you’ll get an error.

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