InDesign tip : #03

you probably already know that you can target your find/change routines by specifying a paragraph style and/or character style. that is, for example, you can search only your captions by restricting the find format to your caption paragraph style.

and if you know that, you probably also know that you can restrict your search by any text formatting parameter : only 10pt text; only Arial text; only underlined text coloured purple; whatever.

but here’s another find/change trick you may not be aware of … handy for documents that have become hideously misshapen by lots of unnecessary style overrides (not one of your own documents, obviously — one that has been messed up by someone else).

you can use find/change to quickly clear style overrides if you leave the ‘find what’ and ‘change to’ fields blank and set the ‘find format’ and ‘change format’ fields to the same paragraph style or character style. hit change all and any overrides for that style will be wiped out. or, if you’re feeling a bit cautious, you can of course find/change each instance individually.

and you can do the same thing with object styles (after CS2).

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