InDesign tip : #12

since CS4 you have been able to place multiple images. the old way was to place only one image at a time — now you can load a whole bunch of images into the place cursor.

when you select more than one image to place, your cursor will have a little counter showing how many images are loaded and ready to place, plus a ghosted preview of the next image to be placed :

screen grab showing multi-image loaded cursor preview

if you have your links panel open you’ll notice that all the images are added to the panel BEFORE being placed on the page (they have a blank in the page column). the next image to be placed is marked “LP” :

screen grab showing loaded links panel

you can scroll through the list of upcoming images by using your up and down arrow keys to access the right one to place next.

if you accidentally load an image that you don’t need, you don’t have to place it and then delete it. just hit your escape key (top left) when that image is the next to place — it will be removed from the loaded cursor and the links panel.

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