InDesign tip : #15

working with text in InDesign doesn’t have to be difficult. here are just a few text selection tricks.

1x click = place cursor
2x click = select word
3x click = select line
4x click = select paragraph
5x click = select entire story
…but you probably already knew that.

to select a specific portion of text — click once at the beginning of the bit you want to select (to place your cursor) and then shift-click at the end — everything in between gets selected.

you can also navigate around and select text entirely with your keyboard.
left and right arrows take you along a line one character at a time — but hold down the command key and you’ll jump by words.
similarly, the up and down arrows move between lines of text — add the command key and you’ll jump to the beginning of the next paragraph.

here are some other tricks with the arrow keys
shift-left selects the next character
shift-command-left selects the next word
shift-down selects the next line
shift-command-down selects to the end of the paragraph
…these also work with the up and right arrows

combine all that with keyboard shortcuts for your paragraph and character styles and you’ll be a text formatting wiz.

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