turn an applescript into a service

the applescript outlined in email file from finder II takes selected items in the finder and attaches them to a new outgoing email message. it allows for multiple recipients from your address book and automatically adds a subject line and some basic content to the email.

there are a few ways to make that applescript accessible in the finder but the most convenient is to turn it into a service. this method is for OS X 10.6 and later — you can see a similar procedure for earlier operating systems in the post get file path of finder items.

Automator Iconapplescript services can be created through automator — the automation program that comes standard on every mac since OS X 10.4 (you’ll find it in your applications folder).

when you first open automator you’ll see this screen — choose service :
screen grab of automator startup screen

this next screen grab shows a couple of different things you need to do. in the main window on the right are two dropdowns — set the first to files or folders and the second to finder. in the search field on the left type ‘applescript’ to easily find the run applescript action. drag and drop this action into the right window :
screen grab of automator with service being built

then paste your applescript into that action window — you can entirely replace the default script. this is what it should look like after you hit the compile button (hammer) :
screen grab of automator service window with applescript in place

save that out and you’re done. now, whenever you want to email something from the finder just select it and right-click — you’ll see your service near the bottom of the contextual menu :
screen grab showing the service as a contextual menu item

you can also activate it under finder > services :
screen grab of services menu

under that menu you can also access the services preferences. this allows you to even set a keyboard shortcut for your new handy service :
screen grab of services preferences window

of course, services aren’t just restricted to running your applescripts. investigate the full power of automator … and get grunting.

macgrunt icon

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