celebrating 100

we finally made it – 100 posts in 100 weeks. 30 InDesign tips, 30 InDesign scripting lessons and a bunch of other stuff — touching the hearts and minds of people in over 100 countries. not a bad effort.

many many flags

thanks for your support and encouragement and occasional dollars. it’s good to know this stuff is finding a warm home in living brains out there.

a big thanks also to all those talented people out there who share their knowledge, experience and skills on blogs, forums, etc. it makes learning something like applescript a whole lot less frustrating.

macgrunt owes a particular debt of gratitude to Marc Autret, an absolute giant of InDesign scripting and the brains behind indiscripts. he’s very generous in promoting the work of others — like featuring macgrunt at, you guessed it, 100 in his list of 140+ InDesign and Creative Tasks You Didn’t Know You Could Automate

… and this from Philipp Geuder — an awesome InDesign script to truly blow you away : layout invaders

keep grunting

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