this is a page to honour and promote those who excel at what they do. if you do not appear here, it doesn’t (necessarily) mean i think you are crap. these are NOT paid endorsements.

18 Sept 2021 : if you are even remotely interested in how the australian ‘government’ is mishandling their responsibilities, you need to dump the Rupert C Murdoch misinformation machine and get onto independent media. here is one awesome outfit dedicated to exposing our politicians’ deceitful and corrupt shitfuckery — The Juice Media

30 Nov 2012 : here’s one for those committed to sound reasoning and the war on error. next time you’re confronted with a fallacious argument online — and you know how bloody irritating they are — just direct the offender to the relevant link on this awesome site and state boldly — your logical fallacy is …

16 Jul 2012 : you’ve seen em. people standing quietly on the corner, wearing a bright vest and holding up a magazine. sometimes they look rough, sometimes they look scary, but they’re all just humans trying to make a hard life just a little bit easier. The Big Issue a tenner each month can make a difference.

07 Mar 2012 : as far as i am aware, this is the only entirely neutral, impartial, non-denominational, non-governmental humanitarian agency in the world. they do absolutely extraordinary work in some of the most difficult conditions imaginable. if you are looking to really do something positive for people in need, you can’t do much better than Médecins Sans Frontières.

23 Dec 2011 : a long overdue shout-out to one of the most beautiful travel blogs you’ll ever see. an australian and a colombian immersing themselves in various cultures with a thoughtful commentary and some truly outstanding photography — 2sporks1cup — treat yourself.

19 Oct 2011 : first honours go to the guy who serviced my scooter today. for over four years i’ve been putting up with average and sub-standard service from the valley cowboys. well, NO MORE! if you are in Brisbane and need your scooter or motorcycle serviced or repaired, you really should contact Rado Trenciansky — freedomon2wheels. as well as being brilliant — he even rebuilds vintage motorcycles — he’s also a really nice guy. see him, you won’t regret it.

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