InDesign tip : #20

as with so many InDesign features, you sometimes really have to hunt for them — or come across them by accident. that this groovy little feature is not documented anywhere is beyond belief — but that’s adobe for you.

this one will save you a heap of time — especially when you’re under the gun from an antsy client. but you first have to gain access.

go to edit > keyboard shortcuts and select the tools menu. you’ll find a design page tool — but, by default, it hasn’t got a shortcut assigned to it — so you have to assign one that suits you and you’ll be off and running :
screen grab of design page tool in keyboard shortcuts panel

now, whenever the pressure hits, just add all your text, images and other graphic items to a page and activate the tool with your shortcut.

try it — you’ll like it.

keep grunting

macgrunt icon