what dat?

.dat files are a pain — yet another reason to swear under your breath (or out loud if you prefer) at megasoft. they arrive in your inbox as win.dat or winmail.dat and trying to explain to the sender “yes, I know you sent me a pdf, but what I got was a dat…” is about as tedious as it gets. no doubt megasoft had some good reason to invent the transport neutral encapsulation format but that’s not helpful to a mac user in a hurry.

for those interested in this sort of thing, you can read more about the tnef format at wikipedia

TNEF's Enough icon TNEF’s Enough was created by a clever bloke called josh jacob. you can download this beaut little app from here. he’s offered this up as freeware, but feel free to make a donation.

it’s free and it works — bonza!

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