Photoshop tip : action within an action

here’s a tip based on one from a brilliant online resource — Tiny Tutorials. you really should subscribe to that site — it’s awesome.

you can record an action in photoshop. you do it so that you can replicate particular sequences of commands on future images. this is invaluable to anyone interested in streamlining their workflow. if you’re using photoshop and NOT already using actions, you’re probably a loony.

but you probably already knew that. however, you may not already know that you can easily include an existing action in your recording of a new action. the image below shows that, while recording an action (“Screen Grab”), you can click on another action (“yellow highlights) and PLAY it :

screen grab showing how to play an existing action while recording a new action

this results in a “play action…” command being added into your new action :

screen grab showing "play action" command added to new recording

two things to be careful of if you start using this method :
• playing another action during recording WILL actually play that action on the image you’re currently working on; and
• do not move or rename your actions, or the “play action…” command will fail when it can’t find the action to play.

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